Christmas Music PRO

Best Christmas Music Plugin for WordPress

Only $19 (limited offer)

Do you have your own music that should play on your website for your visitors or customers? It is so easy now with our new killer feature of the PRO version. Try now!

This is part of our free version so we hope you’re enjoying it so far!

In the PRO version, you can simply choose the right volume level for you where 100% is the default max volume for the visitor’s device. We recommend using 50-65% for the most comfortable visitor’s experience.

In the PRO version, you can disable the Autoplay functionality optionally and allow your visitors to click the Play button to hear the music. 

It is up to you, show or hide the play/pause button even in the free version.
Tip for the PRO version: make sure you use the Autoplay option if the play/pause button is set to be hidden.

The PRO version allows you to choose the play/pause button placement – in any corner of your website.

In the PRO version, you can choose one of two icon background types for the play/pause button – circle or square

Our favorite option – you can add smooth and light pulsing animation to the play/pause button in the PRO version

Even in the free version, you can choose the colors for the button and its background

We constantly work on the improvements for the Christmas Music PRO plugin. Our favorite plugin for WordPress! Get it now to add the right mood to your WordPress website.

We will be happy to announce even more nice features for the next season! Stay tuned!